Part Four:  The Five Biggest Mistakes Brokers Are Making About Obamacare

4.  “I Know the Answer and You Don’t” (Thinking You Know It All)

A closed mind is a dangerous mind. Given that this law is literally being written by the regs and new regs come out nearly every month, no one can possible know it all. Almost weekly, I meet brokers and other consultants who are more interested in sounding smart and telling everyone what they know rather than in finding out what they can learn from other people. As you can imagine, those folks miss out on tons of valuable information. None of us knows what we don’t know.


I am immersed in this law more than most, and I approach every person I meet with curiosity. Most of the new strategies and ideas I now know came from chance meetings and my willingness to keep an open mind. When someone tells me a strategy that I find especially troubling, that is when I start listening the most carefully.

In part 3, I talked about different types of insurance strategies. There are also different strategies for:

  •  dealing with seasonal workers;
  • counting employees;
  • workforce management;
  • compliance;
  • communication;
  • interplay between the ACA and other laws;
  • documentation methodology and retention;
  •  and many more.

People are coming up with new ideas and figuring out new problems every single day. One of our best resources with the ACA is each other. However, we must all be careful to put less value on trying to appear to be the smartest one in the room and more emphasis on keeping an open mind and staying curious.

The Employers Guide To Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is one of the most confusing and difficult laws US employers have ever had to face. It is thousands of pages long and changes constantly. The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that the IRS will collect approximately $130 Billion dollars from employers who fail to comply with the law over the next 10 years. Fortunately, the Employer’s Guide to Obamacare is here to help business owners navigate the minefield.


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