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Believe it or not, if you are scrambling to comply with the ACA by January 1 you are not alone. These past few weeks have been my busiest since the ACA was passed.

*** So, if you have emailed or called me and did not receive a response I agree with you that I suck. And I am sorry. Please feel free to email me again at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me at (775) 624-5655.***

- Many people calling me now were hoping for another delay to save them.

- Others thought they had a plan in place but learned at the last minute that they could not satisfy the plan’s minimum participation requirement.

- Still others thought they understood the law, but did not really analyze their numbers until the penalties were imminent… and now they are realizing they analyzed them incorrectly!

If you fall into one of these categories, or you just want to make doubly sure you are set for January 1, you do not want to miss my last webinar of the series.

This may be the most useful webinar I have offered you – especially if you still have questions! Here is what I am going to cover:

  1. Ten Minute overview of the entire Employer Mandate.
  2. The 3 most dangerous last-minute pitfalls for employers.
  3. The 3 most important things an employer must do now.
  4. How to Guarantee ACA compliance.

For this week’s webinar, I have invited back the President of FreedomCare Benefits, Marc Lapointe. Besides having over 25 years of experience in the alternative risk industry, Marc is a strategic genius. He is one of the creative thinkers who developed the ACA guaranteed FreedomCare Benefits program and has a unique command of captive laws and regulations.

You never know what might happen when Marc and I get talking about ACA strategy, but I assure you, you will not want to miss it!



The Employers Guide To Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is one of the most confusing and difficult laws US employers have ever had to face. It is thousands of pages long and changes constantly. The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that the IRS will collect approximately $130 Billion dollars from employers who fail to comply with the law over the next 10 years. Fortunately, the Employer’s Guide to Obamacare is here to help business owners navigate the minefield.


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